Digital Printing Systems was started by Donald J. Nores on September 1971. Mr. Nores believed that the best way to succeed was to focus on understanding our customer’s needs and respond accordingly. The same principles that served as the company’s foundation forty five years ago remain in place today.

Digital Printing Systems began in a 1,750 square foot facility in San Gabriel, California serving the ticketing needs of operators of parking lots and garages, raffles and fairs in Southern California.

From then to now, Digital has seen a steady and consistent growth. In early 2002, the company took a significant step forward in its growth plans with the hiring of Peter Young as CEO/President. Since 2002 the company has averaged an 8.5% growth rate. With the opening of our 8,500 square foot addition in 2007, the Azusa operation is now over 40,000 square feet. As the physical plant has grown over 45 years, so has the number of employees. Starting with 2 employees in 1971, Digital Printing Systems has now grown to over 100 dedicated employees.

Marketplace growth has also created a dramatic change in Digital Printing’s service area; we ship product throughout the United States as well as foreign markets. Digital Printing Systems ships to over 30 countries, including the UK, Canada and Mexico, as well as countries throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East.


San Gabriel, California 1,750 Square Feet


San Gabriel, California 4,300 Square Feet


monrovia, California 11,000 Square Feet


Azusa, California
 40,000+ Square Feet